The Two Biggest Questions: Why and When to Have an Inspection?

If you are a homebuyer or seller, a good home inspection is essential. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, the backbone of a solid transaction between both parties is a reliable inspection.

Pre-Sale: Most good realtors will recommend getting a home inspection BEFORE putting your house on the market. If the inspection of a potential buyer reveals a major problem, you can be sure the deal is off. Most buyers, even those who might be willing to have you fix the problem, are not willing to wait to have it fixed. A pre-sale inspection will put everyone at ease. Even if you would rather not fix a problem, many people are open to a deficiency when disclosed upfront. A buyer still has the responsibility for their own discovery and should have their own inspection. But your pre-sale inspection before showing the house makes for a smoother future transaction, fewer renegotiations, a better chance the deal will close and hopefully a lesser chance for problems arising out of improper disclosure.

Pre-Purchase: No better money could be spent than on an inspection before you make one of the biggest purchases of your life. A pre-purchase inspection is not only your right in most states but it makes good, common sense. Bring costly problems to the forefront before you buy the home. Knowledge of these shortcomings may allow you to renegotiate a price cut or terms for the seller to fix the problem. Also remember to allow time for a good inspector to become available. Two to three weeks should be enough time to get a good inspector.

The inspector's job is to provide you with a written report of the home's condition and to all that is requested that is visually accessible. At Four Points we recommend each client attend the inspection so that we can outline problems that are discovered. Where appropriate and possible we will describe how and why the problems occurred and make repair recommendations.

A reputable inspector will never benefit from the sale or repair of the home.
Inspections may vary from inspector to inspector, as it is impossible to view each of the thousands of components that make up a home. A good inspector, though, will have the experience to utilize time wisely and focus on the most important aspects of the inspection.


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